After the enthusiastic response I saw surrounding Dice Mountain, the simple dice game my 5 year daughter and I created, I decided to give homebrew gaming another go. My friend Chris and his son took Dice Mountain and turned it into Rocket Space. I decided to run with the space theme and after consulting, prototyping and playtesting with my daughter, I am happy to bring you ROCKET TO THE SUN!

RULES: Each player needs a piece to use as a marker (we used a D6 with the top number showing which player we were, 1-3), and a D6 to roll for their turn. During a turn a player rolls their D6 and moves their “rocket” that number of spaces. If they land on a regular planet, their turn is over and the next player takes a turn. If they land on an asteroid belt, they immediately move back 2 spaces and their turn is done. If they land on a planet with Saturn-like rings, they will either gain or lose move-points towards their NEXT turn. Currently we have a X2 multiplier (a roll of 4 becomes 8), and a +2 or -2. If they land on a wormhole they immediately moved to the corresponding wormhole and their turn is completed. Wormholes only move in one direction as indicated by their arrow. If you land on the “exit” of a wormhole, treat it as a regular planet. The “space rainbow” is essentially another wormhole. I’ll let you guess whose idea that was.

My favorite rule that was made up on the spot is if you land on a planet that another player already occupies, it’s time for a SPACE BATTLE! Each player rolls their D6 and the player with the high number gets to stay on the planet while the one with the lower number has to move back one space. The first one to make it to The Sun wins. It was also my daughter’s idea that The Sun be the goal, so let’s hope your rocket ship is equipped with metaphasic shielding. 

You can download an 8.5x11” PDF of our game HERE or make your own. I left it black and white so my daughter (or your kids) could color in the planets. 

I really made me smile to see people creating their own versions of Dice Mountain, so I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for Rocket To The Sun. Please share your variations and new rules in the comments. Now get excited, grab some dice and go play some games with your kids!

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  4. erraticartist said: My kids and I were bored, then I remembered we haven’t played this yet! so i’m drawing out the game board on a piece of poster paper, and once they’re done colouring it, we’ll play :) thanks for this awesome game :)
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