I am reposting my #HobertFacts tweets from last month here, primarily so I can find them the next time I’m trying to compile a list of all the dumb things I’ve done. 

Sitting down to Hobert’s Journey: How To Dwarf Your Dragon. I heard Wrath Of Khan plays the main Hobert. #MovieExpert

TRIVIA: Hobert’s Journey is a remake of the 1999 classic film Oh Lord, It’s A Ring starring Patrick Stewart and Debra Messing.#MovieExpert

TRIVIA: Hobert’s Journey 2: The Trouble With Trolls is already done but they won’t let you see it because they are jerks. #MovieExpert

TRIVIA: All Hobert films were filmed at high speed. They barely even had time for snacks. #MovieExpert

TRIVIA: Hoberts are extinct. #MovieExpert

TRIVIA: All of the monkeys in The Hobert’s Tale are played by the same guy. Anthony Circles. #MovieExpert

HOBERT FACTS: If you feed the Goblet King after midnight he turns into a Mowgli.

HOBERT FACTS: Thor Oatmeal Shed is the son of Grambli from a different movie.

HOBERT FACTS: Fans may recognize the Wizard GrandMoff from his previous film, The Star War.

HOBERT FACT: For more Hobert movie trivia visit MoveOn.orc

HOBERT FACT: Stay after the credits for 11 consecutive shawarma scenes.


After the Hobert’s Quest 48fps 3Debacle I have decided to rererewatch Ring Lords 2: How Many Towers You Got?

TRIVIA: The creature Goldblum wasn’t always a Grobblin. He started out as a Hobert just like Gobo and Boober.

Goldblum looks like a computer robot like JimJam Banks from A Star War, but he’s played by a trained ape named Anthony Circles.#HobertFacts

The creature Goldblum was modeled after famed British mute horse lord Rohan Attkinson. #HobertFacts

Christopher Guest plays Sorrowmon, a wizard type who evolves into Sorrizard. #HobertFacts

Grampa Wormtail appears in both Ring Lords and Harvey Potler: Wizard Boy Hero but is played by different gross people.#HobertFacts

Merlin and Peppers are Gobo’s friends from Hobert school. They are played by identical twins who were raised Parent Trap style.#HobertFacts

King Argon is played by Hugo Jackson who also played Wolverine in xXx: The Origin of Riddick. #HobertFacts #what #helpme

The Battle of Hams Deep is named after BanHammer Ham, the guy who got made because there was so much ham. #HobertFacts

Back when Goldblum was a Hobert, his name was Spiegel. In Hobertongue it mean “catalog bringer” or “he of mail order pants.”#HobertFacts

RT @VladTheUmpire: @hijinksensue Hoberts eat 6 meals a day: breakfast, bruncheon, second bruncheon, third bruncheon, churros and fourthmeal#HobertFacts

King Theo, son of Heathcliff, ruler of the horse whisperers of Rodan is a natural redhead and the rugs match the tapestries.#HobertFacts

Ring Lords 2: Too Many Towers is followed by Ring Lords 3: Don’t Touch My Ring; Hey Who’s The King? #HobertFacts

While filming Too Many Towers, New Zealand was closed for renovation. The movie had to be finished behind an abandoned KMart. #HobertFacts

Legoland played by Orlando Jones kills more Gramblins than Gimlet, son of Groin. Gimlet is a dorf. #HobertFacts

King L. Ron is the father of R. Wind played by Elve Tyler. Her real father used to be in Guns N’ Roses. #HobertFacts

Borophyll and his brother Propofol are only sons of Stuart of Condor, land of the bird people. #HobertFacts

The Ring Lords is based on a book. Probably The Shining or something. #HobertFacts

Ring Lords: Friendship Is A Warm Ring is the 1st film ever made in New Zealand, a place that it turns out is not Australia. #HobertFacts

Director Pete Jackman chose New Zealand because it only appears once every 100 years and thus provides substantial tax credits.#HobertFacts

The friendship of Legoland the elf and Gimlet the dorf is based on that gorilla that doesn’t eat kittens. #HobertFacts

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