My wife’s 2nd Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey birthday present arrived today. You might have seen the one of a kind, hand made TARDIS necklace that her parents got her. I decided to run with the theme and sought out to find her a TARDIS purse.

After days of searching it turns out that’s not really a thing that exists. I mean there are a ton of TARDIS themed bags and purses on Etsy, but 98% lack… quality? Ok, most of them just seemed really crappy. There is one VERY nice TARDIS bag on Etsy, but being TARDIS-shaped, I don’t think it really works as a practical every day purse. It was also a bit out of my price range. There’s another that’s extremely well made, but a bit too large (being designed for laptops) and the creator is on vacation for the next month which dashes my hopes of commissioning a smaller one. 

Googling and googling and googling some more I eventually found an image that just so happened to have been posted by my friend Wil of a TARDIS bag he had seen at a convention. I googled and regoogled until I tracked down the owner/creator, Stephanie, and contacted her about commissioning one for my wife. She said she was inundated with requests after Wil’s posting, but would make an exception for me (SQUEEE). We went back and forth a bit with the design and incorporated some of my ideas for revisions. 

It arrived today and I was absolutely floored by the quality. The pictures really don’t do it justice. It certainly deserves a, “Hello, Sexy.” My wife absolutely adores it. She was genuinely surprised and shocked at how freaking amazing this thing is.

I have to point out that Stephanie was a JOY to work with. She said she didn’t have plans to mass produce them or even take a large number of orders, but I encouraged her to at least make one at a time and put it up on Etsy. She said she might auction them for MS related charities or research. I will keep you posted if she is able to make them available. 

Allons-y, Geronimo and check the front pocket of the TARDIS. I think there’s some gum in there.